Espace Naturel Sensible : le sentier du Genévrier

Countryside heritage

Sensitive Natural Environments, Discovery and interpretation trail

Chemin du Château Gaillard


Discover the natural gems of the hills of the river Seine while admiring breathtaking panoramic views over the valley.
Standing on top of imposing limestone cliffs and unmissable in the Seine Valley landscape, Château-Gaillard is a major cultural and historical site in Normandy. The surrounding natural heritage is as exceptional as the building itself: numerous plant and animal species thrive in this Natural Sensitive Area, including several colourful orchid species. The "Sentier du Genévrier" (Juniper Path) will lead you deep down in the natural site to observe typical animals, insects and plants that have established themselves in these various habitats. A brochure is available at the entrance of the castle and at the Tourist Information Centre to guide you. The presence of juniper, which gives its name to the path, testifies to former pastoral activities. The unique native resinous tree of the region produces berries that are still used today in the kitchen and in medicine.

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