In the Middle Ages,

builders worked extremely hard! The numerous monuments that can be found in the towns and villages of Nouvelle Normandie are testament to this:

– the collegiate churches of Notre-Dame de Vernon (12th century), Notre-Dame des Andelys (13th century) and Notre-Dame d’Ecouis (14th century)

– the old mill of Vernon (16th century) built on a medieval bridge which spans the Seine

– the timber-framed (or half-timbered) houses in Petit-Andely and Vernon

Vue aérienne du Vieux Moulin sur la Seine à Vernon. © Franck Godard.
Vue aérienne du le Vieux Moulin sur la Seine.


Throughout the medieval period, the French and Anglo-Normans fought for our region, and it shows!
There are two strongholds within the region which symbolise this rivalry: the castle of Vernon for the French king Philippe Auguste, and the fortress of Andelys, Château-Gaillard, erected by Richard The Lionheart.
In Vernon, the town was protected by a clever defence system. Today the Tourelles outpost (right bank), the main tower of the castle, known as the “Archives tower”, as well as the ruins of the ramparts (left bank) still remain.
In Andelys, at the end of the 12th century, the medieval city on the banks of the Seine was developed further with the construction of the Norman fortress by Richard The Lionheart.

Château des Tourelles à Vernon. Nouvelle Normandie © Franck Godard.
Château des Tourelles à Vernon © Franck Godard
Vue sur Château-Gaillard, la Seine et le Petit Andely © Franck Godard.
Vue sur Château-Gaillard, la Seine et le Petit Andely © Franck Godard. Tous droits réservés à l'Office de Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie

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Built in record time, between 1196 and 1198, on Richard The Lionheart’s initiative (to protect his Anglo-Norman duchy), Château-Gaillard is a masterpiece of defensive architecture and is deemed to be impregnable. However, in 1204, it did not succeed and fell into the hands of the King of France, Philippe Auguste …

A little advice from Marie

 Admire the magnificent view of the Seine and the sloping hills in front of the castle. This is THE photo spot in Les Andelys (especially at sunset)!!

Les patûres de Chateau-Gaillard - Les Andelys-©AquaCalypso
Les patûres de Chateau-Gaillard - Les Andelys-©AquaCalypso. Tous droits réservés

Did you know?

This plural of Les Andelys is explained by the reunification of two cities during the French Revolution: Grand-Andely, of Gallo-Roman foundation, and Petit-Andely, created during the middle ages.

Vue du Petit Andely depuis Chateau-Gaillard-Eure-© Sylvain-Bachelot
Vue du Petit Andely depuis Chateau-Gaillard-Eure-© Sylvain-Bachelot


 A virtual reality tour of Les Andelys using LegendR

Visit Petit-Andely, Château-Gaillard and Les Andelys with a virtual tour. Equipped with a smartphone and a cardboard helmet, let your guide show you around. During your digital walk, immerse yourself in the 13th century with fascinating 3D reconstructions. Open doors to places that are normally inaccessible to the public and discover the history of Les Andelys.


Lions, tigers, or leopards?

On the Norman flag it is indeed leopards that are illustrated! It is nicknamed “Les p’tits cats”.




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