Entre Moulins d'hier et d'aujourd'hui



Distance 9.8 Km
Duration 03:00:00 h

2 bis rue de la mare



Hike around the fields to discover wind turbines and an old mill. BLUE markings.

All the hiking trails in our area are on sale at the tourist information offices in Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 1h20.

1 - Walk away from the bakery towards the church, then turn left onto Rue d’Aval, passing the modern wood school to reach Boudeville pond.

2 - Turn right and right again along the path that leads round the pond and follow it to the end.

3 - At the end, turn left onto a path that leads to the football pitch. Turn right aat the T-junction, then left onto the D4 road (mind the traffic).

4 - Walk past the community centre then take the path on your right (cross the D4 with care). At the end of the path, turn right onto Rue de la Planchette for 200 m. At the junction, turn left onto Rue du Bord de l’Herbe. Continue straight ahead on Chemin de l’Abbaye, heading towards the orchard.

5 - When you reach the orchard, bear right onto the tree-lined path and continue to the D3 road (across from the town recycling site). Turn left onto the D3 for 200 m then take the first path on your left towards the wind turbines. Follow the main path straight ahead to the second junction.

6 – Turn left and follow the path to the stone mill (at the third junction). Turn left onto the D4 road (mind the traffic), staying on the left-hand side near the mill.

7 – At the old mill, cross the D4 with care and follow the path opposite. Carry straight on to a 3-way junction and take the path farthest to the right, around the farm. Take the first road to the left towards the D3.

8 – Turn left, then take the first path to the right (cross with care). Continue for 200 m and take the path on your left. At the fork, bear right. Cross the D4 with care and carry straight on to the next road, taking the path opposite.

9 – Turn left at the T-junction, following the path to its end. Turn left again, then take the second path to the right along the back of the cemetery. At the end of the path, turn left and walk along the road to the town centre. Turn left at the junction to return to the starting point.

Practical Information


9.8 Km


03:00:00 h