Entre rivière et vieilles pierres

Leaves from MÉNILLES


Distance 9.2 Km
Duration 03:30:00 h

8 place communale


A little moment of relaxation around Ménilles and Houlbec-Cocherel while strolling along the hiking trail and its Eure river. YELLOW color marking.

All the hiking trails in our region are on sale in the tourist information offices of Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 1h10.

1 - From the Place de Ménilles car park, turn right onto Rue Aristide Briand towards Pacy-sur-Eure for 400 m. Turn left onto Rue Roederer towards the church, walking past the castle.

2 - Turn left onto the Chemin du Fanouillet which leads to the cemetery. Continue along the path which offers a lovely view of the Eure valley. Past the woods, join the D65 road
for 30 m, then turn right onto the Chemin La Fontenelle.

3 - Turn left onto the Chemin des Grouettes and continue 500 m to the D65, then left again for 50 m and right onto Rue de la Fortelle for 200 m.

4 - Turn left onto a dirt path leading into the undergrowth. Cross the road and, immediately on your left, take the path leading downhill (superb panoramic view of the Eure val-ley) and follow it to Cocherel.

5 - Turn left onto the D836 for 50 m and bear right towards the path that crosses the railway tracks. Go straight on for about 1 km.

6 - When you reach three large poplars, turn right towards the Eure river. Continue along Rue du Maubuisson, then turn right onto Rue du Gué, left onto Rue du Champ de la Cour, right onto Rue du Chemin Moyen and finally left onto Rue de Croisy which brings you back to the starting point.

Practical Information


9.2 Km


03:30:00 h