Le Mont Pivin

Leaves from LES ANDELYS


Distance 10.8 Km
Duration 03:15:00 h

14 rue de penthievre


Discover the Andelys, its preserved environment, its hillsides, a viewpoint over Château Gaillard, Petit-Andely and the bend of the Seine.
Around the Mont Pivin circuit, discover a very diverse and protected nature.
Take advantage of your hike to amaze your sense of smell with the sweet scent of wild orchids, Apennine sunflowers, mountain plantheras, wallflowers and many others. At the same time, let yourself be lulled by the song of yellow buntings and vine ephippigera accompanied by a natural orchestra. Be dazzled by the beauty of the landscapes with their small, sometimes hidden inhabitants, like the green lizard or the smooth coronella. YELLOW color marking.

All the hiking trails in our region are on sale in the tourist information offices of Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 1h20.

1 - From this sign (Hôpital Saint-Jacques), walk up to the D313 road, turn right then bear left onto Rue G. Guynemer. After 200 m, take the steep path on your left to climb Mont Pivin.

2 - When you reach the top, follow the path along Mont Pivin for 600 m along the edge of the Hogue Woods and fields. Bear left onto the path along the edge of the woods. Continue to the next junction and turn right onto the Chemin du Clos Hareng. Cross the road and take the path through the field leading to the Mare Marion (Marion Pond).

3 - Cross Rue Mare Marion and take the path opposite leading to Rue des Epis. Turn left, past one road, then take the first path to the left (Chemin de la Chapelle). Continue straight ahead for 700 m to Rue des Abricotiers. Turn right up to the last farm then left onto the footpath leading to the Chemin de la Mare Cotret along the field to the woods. Go down to the left to the Impasse de la Vignette.

4 - Turn left onto Chemin de la Vignette then right onto Rue du Point de Vue to the viewpoint overlooking the Seine. Take the Sentier de la Fontaine to the right, heading towards the Saint-Martin spring and lavoir. Continue straight ahead on this forest road, uphill to the end of the Thuit woods. At the T-junction, turn left towards the castle.

5 - At the castle, turn left along the wall to the next junction then right onto the footpath. Follow it down to the D126.

6 - Cross the road and take the footpath to the right heading downhill. Follow it to the bottom of the road leading to Val-Saint-Martin. Turn right at the stop sign and take Rue de la Seine for 100 m, cross the road and take the path down to the Seine. Turn left to return to the starting point.

Practical Information


10.8 Km


03:15:00 h