Les Coteaux de Fourges



Distance 16 Km
Duration 04:00:00 h

4 rue des fossés


Take advantage of the banks of the Epte to discover the nature, harmony and beauty of the places that transported the Impressionists. YELLOW markup (plus PR136).

All the hiking trails in our region are on sale in the tourist information offices of Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

1 - Start off towards the village. Take Rue des Fossés to the left for 300 m, then bear left onto the path along the edge of the woods. About 30 m before the end of the path, enter
the woods on the left then follow the Epte river on the right until you reach the old mill site.

2 - Take the path on the right then the bike path around the paper mill and turn left on the D5 road for 100 m. Turn right, climbing up a grass path, crossing a road, then a path.

3 - At the top, turn right and follow the ridge line, past one path on the left, then another on the right. Go through the Basquet woods. Pass the Forester’s house and continue for 200 m.

4 - Turn right, then left. Take the road to the right, then Rue des Montants. At the end of the road turn left through the village.

5 - At the calvaire (cross), take Rue de la Petite-Vallée for 300 m. Take a sharp left onto a grass footpath. As you enter Bus St Rémy, turn right and right again to the town hall. Cross the square to the far end and bear left.

6 - At the fork, head towards Fourges for 200 m. Take the first path to the left. Near the bus shelter, turn right, then left. As you leave Villeneuve, take a sharp right, continue for
700 m then turn left.

7 - Turn right (look for waymarks on ground), then left to the corner of the woods. Go around to the left to enter the woods on a footpath. Pass one path on the left and continue along the hilltop before bearing left to head downhill to Fourges. Take Rue d’Écos, then Rue du Moulin to return to the car park.

Practical Information


16 Km


04:00:00 h