Les vaux du Milon

Leaves from GASNY


Distance 16.4 Km
Duration 04:30:00 h

19 Rue de Paris

27620 GASNY

Between dry valleys and wetlands, this 16.4 km route invites you to discover the Vexin bossu littered with magnificent viewpoints and its heritage steeped in history (ruins of a 15th century priory and the church of Gasny, the church of Sainte-Geneviève-lès-Gasny, the monument of Abbot Pierre Seyer in Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen) and many others. BLUE color marking.

All the hiking trails in our region are on sale in the tourist information offices of Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 2 hours.

1 - From the Place du 18 Juin, head off to the right, past the town hall. Turn right at the roundabout, go past the post office, turn left for 150 m then turn right. Bear to the left at
the fork and follow the ridge line for 1.2 km.

2 - At the junction, take the small road to the left leading down to Mesnil-Milon. Turn right for 50 m then left and again right to reach the D7 road. Turn right and continue for 100 m.

3 - Take the road on the left which becomes a path. Continue straight ahead, past two paths, to reach the Grand Désert woods. Turn left onto a path for 250 m, then down to the
left into the valley, arriving at a calvaire (cross).

4 - Cross the road. Take the path opposite for 300 m, turn right and straight on to the next junction. Turn left onto the path leading into the woods by the Four-à-Chaux valley. Take a small footpath to the right to reach the plateau. At the end, bear left for 1 km to reach the D1 road.

5 - Follow the D1 to the right for 200 m. Turn left onto a grass path until you come to the next road. Turn left then left again at the stop sign, continuing to the D313.

6 - Cross the D313 and continue straight ahead for 800 m. Climb the path to the left (look for waymark on ground), go through a gate with metal posts and continue along the path which zigzags up the hill.

7 - At the junction, take the path opposite for 750 m, then head downhill to the right. At the fork, bear left towards the woods to reach the D313, turn left for 100 m.

8 - Turn right onto a small road which becomes a path. Head down the hill on the right and follow the D313 to return to the starting point.

Practical Information


16.4 Km


04:30:00 h