Step 1: equip yourself properly!

  • Do you live in Nouvelle Normandie and already have a bike?

Skip straight to step 2! Saddle up!

  • Do you live elsewhere and already have a bike?

You can travel with your bike on trains on the Paris – Rouen – Le Havre (via Vernon-Giverny and Gaillon-Aubevoye) and Paris – Caen – Cherbourg (via Bueil) routes.
For more information and conditions, consult your train station OuiSncf, TrainLine et  France Vélo Tourisme

  • Don’t have a bike?

You can rent a bike in the following places.

Don’t forget to take water, suitable clothing, and a helmet to protect yourself!

Vélo panorama Seine ©Flick'R-CD27
Vélo panorama Seine ©Flick'R-CD27






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Step 2: Choose your route in Nouvelle Normandie!

The cycling network in the Nouvelle Normandie region is under development. Many urban cycle paths are emerging (notably in Vernon and Les Andelys) and there are also more and more cross-country routes.

  • Do you want to cycle along a renowned cycling route? Then the River Seine by bike is the perfect choice!
  • Do you fancy a ride on a dedicated cycle path by the water? Then, the Epte greenway is just for you!
  • Are breathtaking mountain bike rides on rough terrain more your thing? Then take a look at our renowned riding itineraries!
Vieux Moulin de Vernon. Seine à vélo. cyclistes. vélo ©Flick'R-CD27
Cyclistes devant le Vieux Moulin de Vernon ©Flick'R-CD27


On the right bank of the river is the Seine bicycle route. With a combination of shared roads and dedicated cycle lanes, this route will offer you a beautiful picture postcard of Nouvelle Normandie, from Giverny to Les Andelys, passing through Vernon.

Cyclistes sur la Seine à vélo, entre Vernon et Giverny ©Flick'R-CD27
Visite Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet à Giverny. Nouvelle Normandie © G.BOUGET
Visite Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet à Giverny. Nouvelle Normandie © G.BOUGET



In this small and floral village, discover Claude Monet’s house and gardens, the Giverny Museum of Impressionisms, and the somewhat curious museum of natural mechanics. Strolling through the gardens, shops, and galleries, you’ll certainly feel a special atmosphere… and understand the inspiration for many of the village artists.


Bordering with the Île de France, you cannot pass by the Old Mill without wanting to photograph it! It represents the very essence of the town! Make a small detour on your Seine bicycle ride (right bank) and cross the bridge to reach the city centre. In particular, you can admire the collegiate church, the town hall, the museum, and the Archives tower.

Vue aérienne du Vieux Moulin sur la Seine à Vernon. © Franck Godard.
Vue aérienne du le Vieux Moulin sur la Seine.
Cyclistes vélo au Petit Andely . Les Andelys ©Flick'R-CD27
Cyclistes au Petit Andely ©Flick'R-CD27

Les Andelys

Here, the must-see attraction (and you can see it from afar!) is Château-Gaillard, the fortress of Richard The Lionheart! Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the castle is located in a sublime setting with the hills of the Seine in the background.

Of course, the 800-year-old fortress is not the only thing to see… There are many more little gems (the collegiate church, Saint-Jacques hospital, Poussin museum, etc.) to be discovered in Petit- and Grand-Andely.


Starting from Gasny, the Epte greenway leads to Gisors, passing by the villages of Vexin-sur-Epte (Fourges, Bus-Saint-Rémy, Dampsmesnil, Berthenonville).

It also joins the Paris-London Green Avenue at Bray-et-Lû (Val-d’Oise), opposite Vexin-sur-Epte.

Taking this route is safe for all the family, as it is a dedicated cycle route. It also means you get to enjoy pedalling in a wild, rustic, and peaceful valley, lined with authentic villages full of charm.

Barrage de Gasny©Office de Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie
Barrage de Gasny©Office de Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie
Moulin de Fourges à Vexin-sur-Epte ©Office de Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie
Moulin de Fourges à Vexin-sur-Epte ©Office de Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie

Don’t miss:

  • Gasny
  • in Fourges (Vexin-sur-Epte): the magnificent setting of the Fourges mill (sublime photo guaranteed!)
  • in Dampsmesnil (Vexin-sur-Epte): the covered walkway, a rare Neolithic relic of the region!


In Nouvelle Normandie, many cycling trails are marked and accessible by mountain bike. Combining plains and undulating valleys, forests and water views, our unmissable loops will afford you views of the beautiful countryside and villages.

You will be amazed by the Seine valley views around Les Andelys, Pressagny-l’Orgueilleux, La Chapelle-Longueville, and even around Giverny and Vernon. In the Eure valley, you can breathe in the fresh air around Ménilles and in the Bance valley. In the Epte valley and on the Norman Vexin plateau, you’ll be able to enjoy the authentic charm of the villages en route, in particular Gasny, Giverny, Mézières-en-Vexin, and Vexin-sur-Epte.

Cyclistes au Petit Andely ©Flick'R-CD27
Cyclistes au Petit Andely ©Flick'R-CD27
Accueil vélo à Giverny label Nouvelle Normandie
Accueil vélo à Giverny

What is the ‘accueil vélo’ label?

It is a national brand that guarantees cyclists a warm welcome and quality services en route. An ‘Accueil Vélo’ service can be accommodation, a cycle rental/repair outlet, a restaurant, a tourist office or even a tourist site. Always located less than 5 km from a cycling route, the establishment will offer you a warm welcome (practical information, advice, maps, etc.), have specialist equipment (bike shelters, repair kits, etc.) and provide you with personalised services (bike rental, bike wash, laundry and drying…).