Vue sur Château-Gaillard et le Petit-Andely ©Teddybear-EureTourisme. Tous droits réservés


A virtual reality tour of Les Andelys using the LegendR application

Visit Petit-Andely, Château-Gaillard, and Les Andelys with a virtual tour. Equipped with a smartphone and a cardboard helmet, let your guide show you around. During your digital walk, immerse yourself in the 13th century with fascinating 3D reconstructions. Open doors to places that are normally inaccessible to the public and discover the history of Les Andelys.

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Visit Vernon with the Time Loop app

Time Loop, allows you to explore the city and travel through time. This free app is interactive, fun, and accessible to all ages!
Easy to use! Select Vernon on the application and access 360-degree, three-dimensional reconstructions, orbital models etc. Among Vernon’s eight hotspots, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the medieval bridge, castle (Jardin des arts) and La Place d’Evreux. Just as they were in times gone by!

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Vue du pont médiéval de Vernon sur l'application Time-Loop
Maison de Claude Monet. Giverny. Nouvelle Normandie © Ophélie Petit
Salle à manger de la Maison de Claude Monet à Giverny © Ophélie Petit


The house and gardens of Claude Monet

Discover this remarkable area where the painter left an indelible mark with his style, colour, and love of Japanese culture. The garden consists of two parts: the very flowery “clos normand” and the “water garden,” which includes the famous Japanese bridge.


Giverny Museum of Impressionisms

With modern architecture surrounded by a beautiful garden, this museum invites you to discover the history and impact of Impressionism, as well as its global influence. Each year, two major successive and unprecedented exhibitions bear witness to its diversity.

Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny. Nouvelle Normandie ©CD 27
Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny. Nouvelle Normandie © F. Guillemin
Musée à Vernon. Exposition. Impressionnisme. Nabis. Claude Monet © Franck Godard
Musée à Vernon. © Franck Godard. Tous droits réservés à l'Office de Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie


The Vernon museum

This municipal museum houses an exceptional collection of animal art and a bureau of drawings. Its temporary exhibitions are worth a visit, but what will impress you the most are the Impressionist works, including the unmissable Water Lilies painting by Monet.

Le Coriolan de Nicolas Poussin au Musée Nicolas Poussin aux Andelys © Franck Godard
Le Cor Musée Nicolas Poussin aux Andelys © Franck Godard


Nicolas Poussin Museum

Located in an old bourgeois mansion from the 18th century, the museum traces the history of the town of Les Andelys, from prehistoric times to the beginning of the industrial era. An entire room is dedicated to the Andelysian artist, Nicolas Poussin, which includes his masterpiece Coriolanus begged by his family.