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10 award-winning towns and villages

The quality labelling of a municipality testifies to the quality of life for its inhabitants in terms of the availability of green space.

Much more than a simple beautifying process, it is a commitment to sustainable development, including the protection of fauna and flora (rational water management, choice of plants, implementation of a zero-chemicals policy, waste recovery) .


  • Gasny, more than 3,000 inhabitants, located on the banks of the Epte
  • Saint-Pierre-d’Autils, almost 1,000 inhabitants, town attached to La Chapelle-Longueville in the Seine valley
  • Villiers-en-Desoeuvre, about 900 inhabitants, located on the borders of three departments (Eure, Yvelines, Eure-et-Loir) and in the very south of the Nouvelle Normandie region


  • Giverny, about 500 inhabitants, located on the banks of the Epte and made famous by the painter Claude Monet


  • Croisy-sur-Eure, a small village of more than 200 inhabitants, which has mills, washhouses and even a canal!
  •  Les Andelys, more than 8,000 inhabitants, located on the banks of the Seine and famous for the Château-Gaillard ruins, the fortress of Richard The Lionheart
  • Ménilles, more than 1,700 inhabitants, located in the Eure Valley
  • Pacy-sur-Eure, more than 5,000 inhabitants, in the heart of the Eure valley
  • Saint-Marcel, nearly 5,000 inhabitants, neighbouring town of Vernon, in the Seine valley
  • Vernon, more than 20,000 inhabitants, of which the Vieux Moulin above the Seine is the emblem
Château des Tourelles à Vernon. Nouvelle Normandie © Franck Godard.
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