Notre-Dame de Bellegarde hillside hike

Leaves from MUIDS


Distance 15.4 Km

Rue de La Plage

27430 MUIDS

From rolling hills to riverside cliffs, this Seine Valley hike offers a sampling of local history and heritage.

1 – From the Muids beach, head towards the church then turn left. Turn right at the castle and walk along the fence. Follow the wall to the left and continue on Route de Daubeuf to the end of the village. Before the last house, take the path on your right along the row of trees and former railway line.

2 – Carry straight on to the Troplaie woods. Turn left at the junction and continue to the top of the woods, with the fields on your right. Turn left onto the path towards the road.

3 – Turn right and carry straight on to the woods, then right again onto the GR2 trail until you reach the next road. Turn left onto Rue de la Ferme Blanche to the Gros Chêne junction. Carry straight on as the road becomes a path and heads up into the woods. Nearby, up on your left, is the Château des Buspins.

4 – Turn right at the top of the path. Walk down to the sand quarry and follow the path to the left along the edge. When you reach the road, turn right, minding traffic as you cross the small bridge. Veer to the right off the road and walk between the two rows of trees to the next road. Nearby, on your right, read about how a quarry works.

5 –Turn left. Turn right at the cross onto Rue du Calvaire. Take the first path on your right which heads towards the woods. Follow it to the cemetery. Take the road across the way to the village of La Roquette.

6 – As you come out of the woods, turn right onto the path towards Notre-Dame de Bellegarde. Nearby, you can see the church of La Roquette and, partway down, the Notre-Dame de Bellegarde panoramic view. Continue all the way down to the village of La Roque. Alternate route: join the Mont-Pivin hiking trail by picking up the GR2 trail behind the church of La Roquette towards Thuit castle (yellow trail markings).

7 – Continue straight ahead on Rue de la Gare. Take the third turning on your left to cross the Departmental 313 road. Carry straight on. Cross the bridge and continue along the small canal on your right for 3 km until you reach the end of La Roque and Moulin Island.

8 – Cross the second bridge, then take the path on your left along the Seine. Carry straight on towards the village church and your starting point, the Muids beach.

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15.4 Km