Rollon, dit “le marcheur”

Leaves from VEXIN-SUR-EPTE


Distance 14.5 Km

Impasse du Moulin


Follow in the footsteps of Rollo, the Viking leader who signed the treaty creating the Duchy of Normandy in 911.

1 – Walk back towards the D146 road, cross carefully and carry straight on towards the church along Rue de Molincourt. Pass the church (on your right) and take the first left onto the Chemin du Miroir.

2 – At the fork, keep to the right and continue uphill to the edge of the woods. Carry straight on until you reach a field surrounded by woods.

3 – At the far end of the field, turn right and go through the Garenne woods until you reach the D8 road. Turn left towards the village of Molincourt.
In the Garenne woods, just off the footpath, you can see the Dampsmesnil ‘Allée Couverte’, a Neolithic period dolmen.

4 – At the first junction, in the village, turn right onto Rue du Haut de la Ville. Go straight along the path through two woods, one after the other. When you reach a T-junction, turn right towards the village of Requiécourt.

5 – At the far end of the village, turn left towards Authevernes. Continue 300 m along the road then turn right onto the path leading to the woods.

6 – Stay on this path through the woods (Bois Moulin) and past a farm, then turn right onto the road that becomes a path. Carry straight on, cross the D9 road and head uphill towards the castle. Turn right at the T-junction.

7 – You can admire the ruins of the Château-sur-Epte and the nearby Saint-Martin chapel.
At the castle entrance, turn right. Follow the path for 2 km, bearing left at the fork. At the first junction, turn left and continue along the path to Berthenonville. After the church, turn left onto Rue de Molincourt to return to the Impasse du Moulin and the starting point.

Shortcut: at the castle entrance, turn left onto the Chemin des Gardes. Take the first right. At the second junction, take the path opposite to return to Berthenonville.

Practical Information


14.5 Km