The "Allée Couverte" dolmen



Distance 7.8 Km
Duration 02:00:00 h

18 rue du bourg



Mysterious hike between woods, meadows. Nearby, the Allée Couverte, the Château d'Aveny. BLUE markings.

All the hiking trails in our area are on sale at the tourist information offices in Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 1h20

1 – Leaving the car park, turn right along Rue Saint Martin for 50 m.

2 – Take the path to your right and continue straight ahead to the end. Turn right onto the D170 road for 30 m.

3 – At the ‘Allée Couverte’ signpost, take the path heading uphill through the woods (a steep climb). Along the way, a path on the left leads to a point of interest: the Allée Couverte dolmen (a few minutes’ detour). Continue along the main path until you come out of the woods, then bear right.

4 – At the junction, turn left and continue on the main path through the woods.

5 – As you head downhill, at the junction by the fence, turn right and go back up through the woods. When you come out of the woods, continue straight ahead along the path in front of you. Then, turn left, and continue down 500 m towards Aveny.

6 – As you head down, turn right onto the narrow footpath that comes out near the church. Turn right (mind the traffic) then right again, and follow the road towards Dampsmesnil until the fork.

7 – At the fork, bear left, then take the first path on your left (Chemin de la Procession) to the Aveny lavoir (public washing place). Continue straight ahead towards the Maupertus Woods. At the junction, take the path leading up to the right.

8 – At the top of the hill, turn right and continue straight on towards Dampsmesnil. When you reach the road, turn right, then left at the calvaire (cross) to return to the church and the starting point.

Practical Information


7.8 Km


02:00:00 h