Vernon - Saint Marcel, by the water's edge.

Leaves from SAINT-MARCEL


Distance 8.8 Km

Place des Anciens Combattants


1 - From the Place des Anciens Combattants, cross the street and continue straight up to the church. Go round to the right and, 100 m further on, turn right onto Sente de la Ruellette. At the junction, turn left onto Rue du Rouy (mind the traffic). Turn left onto the street leading uphill, then take your second right onto Sente des Gorets. At the junction, turn left onto Sente Jurée. Cross the next junction and take Chemin de la Grâce opposite.

2 - Turn left onto Sente de la Fossé Rouge. At the end, head downhill to the left for 130 m, then turn right onto Sente des Guimbets until you reach the cemetery. Continue and turn left towards the church. Turn right onto Rue Gavouet and go to the traffic light (mind the traffic). Cross the road and take Rue de Hautville opposite.

3 - Go down the street, take your second right onto Rue du Canet. At the gate, turn left onto Sente au Guian. At the end, turn right, then straight ahead (the path behind the gate) and continue until you reach the road. Go to your right 200 m then turn left in the woods onto Sente du Cormier. Follow the path and when it curves, turn right onto Sente Picard. At the end, turn left, then right onto Sente de la Ferrière.

4 - At the end of the path, turn left then right onto Sente des Vieilles. Cross the housing estate straight on then take a sharp right into the woods on Sente des Fangeux. At the T-junction, veer left and continue straight on until you reach the road (Rue de la Bataille de Cocherel). Turn left, then take your second left onto Sente de l'Ormetaie which veers right into Sente du Grand Trou. At the end, take a sharp left onto the narrow footpath just past the houses. After a sharp bend to the right, turn right onto Sente de l'Ormetaie which ends at Rue des Vignes.

5 - Go down to your right, then turn left onto Sente de la Fosse Diard. Go straight on, turn right onto Ruelle Briet, then left onto Sente des Serants. At the junction, go down to your right and continue along Sente des Morats.

6 - At the end of the footpath, turn left onto Rue de l'Abbé Théroude. Cross Rue des Moulins and continue straight ahead on Sente Gosnay. Cross Rue de Montigny and continue straight ahead. At the end, turn left onto Chemin de Parisis to Rue de la Croisette.

7 - Turn right and then bear to the right into the street that becomes Sente Bonvalet. Bear left at the fork. When you reach the street, turn right, then left onto Rue du Bout au Vicaire to return to the starting point.

Practical Information


8.8 Km