Les Coteaux de Giverny

Leaves from GIVERNY


Distance 9.3 Km
Duration 02:30:00 h

6 chemin Blanche Hoschede Monet


Rendez-vous in the land of Monet, landscapes and charm of the village will make you feel a desire to be an impressionist. YELLOW color marking.

All the hiking trails in our region are on sale in the tourist information offices of Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 1h20.

1 - From the town hall, head towards the museum on the Blanche Hoschédé-Monet path. Go along the back of the Musée des Impressionismes, then turn left onto Rue Hélène Pillon. Continue on a grass path to the junction.

2 - At the junction, turn left, climb the steep slope then take the hilltop footpath on your right.

3 - At the junction, turn left up the cliff path. At the top of the path, turn right and go through the Gros Chêne woods.

4 - As you come to the edge of the woods turn left and follow the path until it comes out of the woods. Turn right along the edge. On meeting the road turn left for 100 m, then right at the crossroads.

5 - Continue for 1.5 km along the woods. At the second junction take the path on the left for 500 m.

6 - Turn right and take the path to the Grosse-Pierre Cross then go down the steep slope to Manitôt.

7 - Turn left and return towards Giverny. After 500 m take the path to your left and enter Giverny.

8 - Turn right onto Rue du Chêne, cross the D5 road and follow the footpath on the left. Before the 2nd bridge, take the right-hand path to the D5. Follow it to the right and, at the 1st crossroads, turn left onto Rue du Colombier. Continue straight ahead to the town hall.

Practical Information


9.3 Km


02:30:00 h