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Leaves from VERNON


Distance 10.9 Km
Duration 03:15:00 h

9 rue Léon Goché

27200 VERNON

Departing from the famous old mill, you will discover the right bank of Vernon. You will be charmed by the views over the Seine, as little-known as they are majestic, the ancient village of Vernonnet, the green hillsides...
Welcome to Vernon's secret garden!
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All the hiking trails in our region are on sale in the tourist information offices of Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

Duration of the mountain bike ride: 1:15h.

1 - From this sign, take Rue Pierre Bonnard on your right without crossing the street and follow waymarks for 350 m.

2 - Turn left in the direction of Ile St-Jean (former railway route) which takes you to the banks of the Seine.

3 - Follow the right bank for 1.2 km to a place called ‘Ma Campagne’. Turn right onto the path between the houses which will take you to the D313 road.

4 - Follow D313 to the pedestrian crossing towards theChemin des Rouliers which takes you uphill for 1 km.

5 - At the top of the hill turn right. Continue for 1 km to the junction with the GR trail, then head down to the road. Turn left, cross the road and go straight ahead on Rue du Docteur Chanoine. Stay on the left-hand side and take the footpath starting with some steps.

6 - Walk along the wall to the junction and take the steep path heading up. At the top, join the Chemin du Mont Roberge. Take the next right, continuing past the quarries until you reach the road. Turn right for 50 m then right again towards the Vernonnet church.

7 - Before the church, turn left onto the little Rue des Huit Portes. At the end, take the Voie André Touflet path for 1.6 km to the hamlet of Manitôt. Turn right, cross the D5 road and right again onto the Seine à Vélo cycling path for 2 km. Go under the Vernon bridge to return to the starting point.

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10.9 Km


03:15:00 h